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Welcome to the Information Category!

Funding Mandate

Welcome to the Funding Mandate Forum!
This category is designed for discussing proposals related to the allocation and utilisation of funds from the Perion treasury. Funding mandates focus on investments in Web3.0 games, eSports, and the creation of Web3.0 products.

DAO Modification

Welcome to the DAO Modifications Forum!
This category is designed for discussing proposals to change the governance architecture of the Perion DAO. DAO Modifications include, but are not limited to: Changes in vote thresholds and quorums, adjustments to the governance structure, fixes and/or improvements.

Independent Validator Introductions

Welcome to the Independent Validator Introductions Category! This forum is dedicated to Independent Validator candidates who wish to present their proposals and be considered for the Independent Validator role within the Perion DAO community.

Community Discussion

Welcome to the Community Discussions Category!

Proposal Suggestions

Welcome to the Proposal Suggestions Forum!
This category is designed for the Perion community to share ideas and suggestions for new proposals, whether they relate to Funding Mandates or DAO Modifications. Your input is invaluable in shaping the future of the Perion ecosystem.


Welcome to the Feedback Category!