GFM-001: Parameters and Coaching

Hi everyone!

Posting an update here:

eSports coach
We are happy to announce Samuel Chan joining the DAO as a contributor in an eSports coaching capacity. Samuel comes with a highly qualified background across 5 years as someone who has:

  • Been a founding member of Abyssus, Singapore’s first professional Hearthstone eSports team
  • Lead the Hearthsone division within Resurgence eSports, scouting and managing the players and helping them rise to be the Rank 1 Hearthstone team in Southeast Asia .

In the days since joining we’ve already seen a marked improvement in player performance, of note one player Corongman has risen from rank 200, to peak at a rank 5 on the Axie infinity leaderboard. We’ll post more updates as the players results continue to improve.

Sam will be contributing for a stipend of $800 USDC per month.

Voting thresholds
The primary reason for holding a simple first iteration of the voting process was to measure community participation. A post has been created in the feedback section here to discuss iterations to the voting thresholds, as well as a suggestion for future iterations.

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