The Funding Mandates Category

Welcome to the Funding Mandate Forum!
This category is designed for discussing proposals related to the allocation and utilisation of funds from the Perion treasury. Funding mandates focus on investments in Web3.0 games, eSports, and the creation of Web3.0 products.

Correct proposal formatting
All proposals must be formatted correctly. Proposal templates and examples can be found here:

Naming convention
The naming convention for funding mandates utilised the following format:

  • FM-001: “insert_title_here”
  • FM-002: “insert_title_here”
  • FM-003: “insert_title_here”

Proposal submissions
Perion subcommittee members are encouraged to submit proposals using the above formatting. The broader Perion community is invited to suggest ideas for consideration. Note that all community suggestions for funding mandates should be made via the Proposal Suggestions category and include the tags: Proposal suggestion and Funding mandate.

To provide further context on the system’s operation, here’s an overview of the funding mandate process as outlined in our documentation:

  1. Creating and refining the mandate: A SubDAO subcommittee member interested in proposing funding allocations must develop a detailed proposal.
  2. Timeline and voting details: The initial proposal development timeline is open-ended. There is a 7-day commentary window for input from the community, subcommittees, and independents, followed by a 7-day adjustment window for the subcommittee to modify the mandate.
  3. Voting stage I: Subcommittee consensus: This phase is crucial during the governance rollout. A subcommittee (SC) vote determines whether the proposal is submitted to the Treasury grants module. The SC voting window lasts 72 hours.
  4. Voting stage II: Global subcommittee consensus: The process advances to the Treasury grant module, where each SubDAO subcommittee votes to approve or deny the proposal. The proposal passes if over 50% of the Core SubDAOs subcommittees independently vote to approve. The voting window is also 72 hours.

Additional details
For all additional details, please visit the Perion documentation. Alternatively, you can skip to the Funding Mandate section to explore further details surrounding funding mandates.

We look forward to your valuable contributions to shaping the future of the Perion treasury’s investments and initiatives.