Independent Validator Introductions

Welcome to the Independent Validator Introductions Category! This forum is dedicated to Independent Validator candidates who wish to present their proposals and be considered for the Independent Validator role within the Perion DAO community.

While candidates have the freedom to structure their introductions as they wish, we suggest including the following information: Your attachment and commitment to Perion, your prior experience and credentials, why you are a good fit for the role, and your goals as an Independent Validator.

Please note that any Perion DAO member who holds at least 1% of the PERC supply is eligible for this role. If you meet this requirement and need permission to post in this forum, kindly contact us at

The first IV election window will open at the beginning on Q3, 2023 . For more information about the role and the responsibilities attached, please visit the governance and independent validator election sections of the Perion DAO documentation.

Until the first IV election Apollo Crypto (Perion’s largest seed round contributor) will hold the position of independent validator